Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kai Wirsing - The Dragon and The Knight

Thank you very much for your interest in The Dragon and The Knight.

The first public performance succeeded to close the curtain and well-received by fabulous audience.

This show is a whole SIM wide, spectacular fantasy performance.

Our 2nd performance will be 5PM SLT, November 22nd. SIM will be open to public from 4PM.
Until 4PM SLT SIM will be closed to public for some preparations so you may not TP in.

The performance is about 35 minutes long, non-stop acts, actions and dance.
Camera for audience is fully controlled by the show.

When you have a seat, please listen to announcements in English.
This program uses subtitle HUD so please get the HUD and wait to start the show. 􀀌

Kai Wirsing