Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Please Mark Your Calenders!! Dance Queens Festival!!

For a long while, many have expressed the desire for another Dance Queens festival.  This was not possible because we had no sim on which to hold such an event.  However, with thanks to LEA for a sim awarded to Euphoria, and Euphoria offering the use of this sim, Dance Queens is happy to announce we will be hosting a weekend-long dance festival... a chance for all the stars of Second Life dance to gather in one place and share their warmth and light with one another.  We hope you will all participate in this event!!

Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy" Festival
November 15th and 16th 2014
1pm SLT - 8pm SLT

This Showcase Festival is an opportunity for the Second Life dance community to come together in one place at one time and share their vision with their peers.  It is a chance for us all to see each other's work, to meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends.  It is a celebration of human imagination and creativity.  Let us start planning and preparing now!  Please mark your calenders.

All dance troupes and groups are invited to participate in this event including Cabaret, Burlesque, Gorean, Ballet, Belly Dance, Native Dance, Performance Art, and more.  It is being held on the LEA12 sim awarded to Euphoria, for one weekend in November.  We hope everyone will perform in this festival.  We have time slots to allow eight troupes to perform each day.  Since you will be using your own staging, you will not need to worry about rebuilding sets to fit an 'away' stage.

You must fill out a registration card and drop it to BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl by November 1st to reserve your time slot.  Please IM Babypea for a card or watch for them to be sent out in daily notices.
Time slots are given on a first come/first served basis.  You will receive confirmation of your registration.  Please direct questions to Babypea, and if offline, it is recommended to drop her a NC.  If she does not reply in a timely manner, please contact her again, as your message may have gotten lost in cyber space.

You will be given an area for your setup and a landmark to that area.  You must provide your own setup.  Setup includes stage, audience seating, and any posters, group joiners, subscribers, and tip jars that you want to use.  Your prim limit for setup is 200 prims.  You can set up on Monday, November 3rd or any time thereafter.  You can leave your setups rezzed until midnight, Monday November 17th.  You are free to arrange your own rehearsals for your performances.  All setups must be removed by midnight of Monday, November 17th.  Any prims left on the sim will be returned on Tuesday, November 18th.

Each troupe will have up to 50 minutes for complete performance, from opening to close.  Performances must start and end on time, as other troupes will be scheduled to use the stream, so please arrive early enough to be fully prepared.  You must provide your own DJ/MC and your performance will be entirely in your own control.

Prim limit for each dance set is 1000 prims.  Dance sets of course are rezzed minutes before performance then derezzed as soon as performance is complete.  Dance sets are not allowed to remain rezzed outside of positioning, rehearsals and performances.

We hope everyone who is involved with Second Life dance will support this event... you are all stars!  So please plan to gather in the Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy" for one fabulous weekend in November!!