Thursday, August 28, 2014


BALLET PIXELLE CALL FOR DANCERS AND CREW.  Ballet Pixelle will be holding auditions for dancers on Sunday, August 31 at 5:00 pm SLT and Wednesday, September 3 at 5:00 pm SLT in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre.  Applications are required and should be submitted by August 30; applications and information are available from the kiosk in the Theatre.  Crew interviews will also take place at this time; applications are also requested.

Sunday, August 31 at 5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 3 at 5:00 pm
(Applications deadline is August 30.)

“If you have the chance to sit it out or dance . . .Dance!”

Ballet Pixelle® has opportunities for dancers and crew to join this dedicated company of professional artists.  This is a unique opportunity to blend the best of artistic and technical worlds, creating performances that stretch dance and storytelling possibilities within the ballet tradition.

Ballet Pixelle® performs original ballets to music created for each ballet by professional First Life composers.  Performances are one or two  times a week at Ballet Pixelle’s Theatre. In addition to the performance schedule, each ballet requires several weeks of rehearsal.  For example, a typical rehearsal period during creation of a new ballet is 3 to 4 months with two or more rehearsals a week each lasting approximately two hours.

Ballet Pixelle is also now performing at international professional venues in Real World in art festivals, conferences, workshops, and seminars.  See information on our performances in New York City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Yokohama, and others at our web site

Poseballs, scripted animations, or synchronization devices are not used in Ballet Pixelle® performances.  Dancers move independently, enacting steps and gestures coordinated with the rest of the cast and to the music.

Our crew work collaboratively to design, build, and script sets, props, and costumes.  Ushers greet the audience, answer questions, point out the "donation jar" and help some audience members with basic skills such as getting sound, using the avatar camera on the stage, and environmental settings.  Ushers also serve as security/advisors/consultants to reduce disruptions during performances.  Our Master of Ceremonies also greets the audience, makes comments concerning the progress of the performance, ad libs, introduces acts, dancers, and crew as well as operate sets, curtains, lights, and props.

We all have First Lives, but to be fair to the Company and the collaborative nature of our work, Ballet Pixelle® must be considered a priority.  Professionalism and serious commitment are required; a sense of humor is appreciated :-)


Ability to commit, be on time, take direction, and work seriously.

Applicants should be mature in First Life and have at least six months experience in Second Life.

It is preferred that dancers know some basic ballet and theater terminology.

In addition, participants should have Second Life skills including how to change clothing and skin, transform shape including gender, move fluidly and use camera in three dimensional space and rez basic objects.

At the audition:

Come dressed in something simple such as a leotard (dancers) or a simple pants suit/dress (crew), preferably in a solid single color.  Do not wear shoes with heels.  Do not wear anything with bling.  Do not wear tutus or dress as a character.

We will audition dancers and interview crew individually, but other auditioners may sit in the audience.  Please note that auditions and interviews are not open to the general public.

You will be given animations at the audition. You do not need animations, gestures, or a HUD.  All HUDs and AOs should be removed ahead of time.

We welcome all interested dancers and crew for consideration.  Our cast and crew enjoy this tremendously satisfying and exciting creative process.

Register your interest by completing a Dancer Audition Card which can be found in the kiosk in the Ballet Pixelle® Theatre.  Crew applicants should place their crew interest(s) under "other information" on the audition card.  Place the completed Audition Cards in the other designated mailbox box, also located at the Ballet Pixelle® Theatre.

There is no pay.  There is camaraderie, applause, and the delight in making magic.

Other information will be presented at the audition, but further inquiries should be presented to Vivienne Darcy Ballet Mistress.  You may send email to, leave a note for her in her mailbox at the theatre, or drop a notecard on her profile.

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