Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Night Theater presents: Midsummer Mischief

The Night Theater presents: 
       @~`~,~ Midsummer Mischief~,~´~@

Join us for a trip into the magic of a midsummers night. When the creatures of the wild come out to play in the twilight. Meet some of the fae of the North and share the magic they bring, but beware, for what comes of the wild, will not be tamed....


Sat 30 August 11.59 slt till about 1 am slt.
Sunday 31 August noon slt
Wednesday 3 September 1 pm slt

Please arrive at least 30 min prior to show in order for animations prims to load and help us reduce lag by cutting down the scripts you bring as much as possible.

Ride below:
For any questions, please im Aelva Resident