Saturday, October 26, 2013


Galilla Sinatra sent the following notice:

Today we're proud to present our new choreography tool for professional stage performers - the Spot On Performance Director HUD!  The HUD is designed exclusively for use with the Spot on Choreography and Spot On Group Formation Systems. 


- A new, easy way to create dance sequences which gives you more flexibility while editing.

- Easily control multiple groups with each group having their own sequence, independent of what other groups are doing.  Start, stop, change animations at the same or different times.

- Control your Spot On Movers through your HUD, both Spot On Choreography and Group Formation Systems. 

- Sends an automatic invitation to the HUD to any dancer who sits on a Mover. 

- Pre-cache your routine / sequence or all dances in the hud in seconds. 

- Dancer Check lets you know who has accepted the invitation to the HUD.

- Control your set props and emotes with simple chat commands in their own group.

- Comes with a Stage Marker so your Spot On Movers know exactly where their start position is every time - even if the entire set is rotated!

- Low Lag!

And more!  Please visit for all the information or visit the Spot On Store in world at  Also available on Marketplace.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Galilla Sinatra or Rug Halberd.

We appreciate your support!  We love creating for you!

Martin Yeats
Galilla Sinatra
Rug Halberd