Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dance Queens INFO Center.

Hejsa Dance Queens and Kings,

After (to) long time thinking, looking, learning etc, i think its time to be a little more visible here at the Dance Queens.
I think it came for all of us, as a big surprise, when Nottoo decided to hang her dancing shoes not any longer in this Dance Queens group.
And believe me, it's for sure not easy to "take over" on what she have done here (i think i can say IMPOSSIBLE)

I take it as a big honor, at the Dance Queen members did vote for the 3 of us.
I know Didds almost all my SL life...hehe... and its like our hairy friend Nai always has been there as well.
I dare to say, at we are a good team together!

I think at, from the 3 of us, I'm the "talker", so that's probably why I start to write a little more from now on ;o)

It's important for us, to keep the Dance Queen group "alive".
And of course you only can do that by being visible.
We have a lot of fantastic members. Some are closer involved to this group (the managers) and they do a great job behind the screens.
Keeping up this homepage is the most difficult part.
It's a lot of work and it needs a lot of help to keep up the new info etc.
So we definitely need all the help we can get here... again.. thx to the managers!!

For the "Dance arrangements";

Right now it will not be possible for us to arrange big festivals.
We don't have the resources for it and i also doubt if we can find the time for it.
But I will try to keep going on with my "Variety Shows" and if i ever be so lucky to have access to a whole SIM, I would for sure arrange more ;o)
(well.. people are allowed to have dreams.. don't they?) ;o))
I love to arrange and build, so that's not the problem..hehe

The plan for now is, we did rent some land and I'm building a "Dance Queen Info Center" (Some of you probably know, at i already started that on my own land.)

What is the idea with the Info Center?!

I will build some builds, with space for classes or demo's
There will be a schedule board for whats going on and when and what time there will be classes or Demo's and of course you also will find those dates here on the blog!
If you would like to give a demo or want to educate in something that will be related to the Dance Queen group, then please book a time and send us a note with the info about what you want to show or educate. You find all info at the Info center and also a box where you can drop your note card in. Of course you also can contact one of the DQ staff (see the boards in the info center)

I will put up  "stage platforms" where there can be hold performances.
Of course after you book a time for that.
There will be more info later at the Dance Queen INFO place.

What else can we offer you?!

You can have a poster with the info about your Dance Group and Landmark of your place.
How to do that?
You send me  the info you will send out (note card, LM etc.) and a picture of the "poster" you want to be visible. (please put it in a folder and name that "DQ and your name"
I will make a "gallery" with the same size of posters out of that.

I will also put up some "advertising" boards.
You some DQ member, can rent these boards for a symbolic 25L a week.
Why pay for it? Well, the DQ land have to be paid ;o) so every little linden will help!
With this, we also hope at advertising in the group, like DJ wanted, Host wanted etc, will disappear, when we don't think this is a Dance Queen group thing.
Of course we will remind our members from time til time in a group note, to check out the advertising boards, if they are in use.

If you have ideas, please let us know!

Lets make this group ROCK!! and dance of course... hehe

Keep an eye on the blog and group notes.
I will keep you informed how things going.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask! That's why we are here ;o)


Knuzzer ZZ
(Zhaza Zerbino)