Wednesday, July 18, 2012

YUMMY #4 - Restore to Last Position



Wow. I heard from a few people about how devastated they were when the latest SL release broke the must reverred and depended-upon "Restore to Last Position". Well it looks it IS working again, and a lot of people including me were not aware that it is working again. And I am NOT an owner of the parcel located at Region (0,0), nor do I belong to a group deeded to Region(0,0)...which was a caveat.

I hope its not something unique to my settings or viewer or anything else.

UPDATE 7/19: Ok it is now NOT WORKING again on my parcel so I assume it is not working for others. Must have been some quirk. Am exploring it. Sorry. Seems unpredictable.

And if it turns out that it is still not working for you, I do have a fall-back solution, IF your set is MODIFY ...AND if you can stand within 10 meters of where it was rezzed before...then I have a free script (copy/no mod/no trans) for you that I just wrote as a backup plan. Place it in the set and click on the set before taking it into memory. Then stand close to where it was before and rez it from your inventory and it will remember and reposition itself.

And that's YUMMY's taste of things