Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Storage Box for Inventory

Storage Box for Inventory 120731

Susie Chaffe sent us a specialized storage box for holding inventory items in response to the post on Managing Your Dances. It features buttons for looking through your inventory and when you click on it, you get the highlighted item.

Here is our conversation about the box (slightly edited):

[05:27:34] Susie Chaffe: on the subject on inventory, might I suggest something like the box I am dropping on you to keep your fantastic Dance Queen Freebies organised
[05:31:19] Nottoo Wise: hi susie xxx
[05:32:27] Susie Chaffe: hi Nottoo.....inventory is something i get paranoid about...so I have boxes and boxes.....
[05:32:36] Nottoo Wise: i have a box that contains the sequences but this box has a feature ive not seen with the search capability
[05:33:20] Susie Chaffe: it was scripted by Ordinal Malaprop years ago...I touched it up a bit...but it has always been available
[05:33:41] Nottoo Wise: can i offer it to the dance queens group noting that u provided it?
[05:34:08] Susie Chaffe: customise...put your texture on....its a genuine freebie for the community...
[05:34:14] Nottoo Wise: ok, i will do so
[05:43:50] Nottoo Wise: will this box work if someone else uses mine, for example is it a giver to anyone
[05:44:40] Susie Chaffe: yes as long as the item is transfer....
[05:45:16] Nottoo Wise: ok :-)
[05:45:17] Susie Chaffe: if it is copy and has transfer perms.........the toucher gets it and you lose it....so be careful what you offer in there
[05:45:35] Nottoo Wise: ok
[05:45:59] Nottoo Wise: may i use an edited version of our conversation on the blog
[05:47:29] Susie Chaffe: feel free.....I am searching to see if I can fine the original
[05:47:34] Second Life:

[05:48:01] Susie Chaffe: there is a blank one to play with...it also contains a help card
[05:48:10] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx

[05:48:51] Susie Chaffe: ooh .. one mod I made....when you rename it....and then touch it...it puts the new name in the floating text
[05:49:14] Susie Chaffe: handy if you have a bunch scattered around :)
[05:49:22] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[05:49:28] Nottoo Wise: u r an inventory fanatic
[05:50:22] Susie Chaffe: I used to teach at one of the colleges here........and my inventory exploded with bits and pieces....so it was born out of necessity
[05:50:35] Nottoo Wise: makes sense im over 50000 in my inventory
[05:51:18] Susie Chaffe: I am probably much higher than that......but so much is boxed that mine stays under 10K
[05:51:47] Nottoo Wise: wow

I put a copy of a blank box in the Free Stuff Box at Dance Central. It's called the SBX - [No Transfer] - Blank.