Saturday, July 14, 2012

YUMMY - #3 - Texture Dragging and Lag Monsters



News you can maybe use for dancer-builders:

(If this is too off topic, I will remove it quickly and I   apologize in advance to Nottoo. I just needed a reason to show an image.)

Save 30 Lindens.

Take 4 textures you want to upload to SL and make 1 image using your favorite photo/image editor.

Now load it as 1 image and pay the 10 L instead of 40 L for 4 separate images.

With the latest texture-drag feature of the newest viewer release in Firestorm/Phoenix, change Repeats per Face to 0.5 for both horizontal and vertical.

Now you must have Stretch Both Sides checked or Stretch Textures checked.

Now check Select Face.

You can now click on the prim face and select the one you want by dragging the texture around.



Ok I had a lot of topics formed in my head to write about and was having trouble deciding on which ones when THIS one just jumped up and "yelled" and "screamed" at me. Seeing as how the festival is near, this information seemed like it would help newbies and new venues when it comes to handling LAG. This information comes from the "big boys and girls who look down on us from above".

 And if you are an old-timer or veteran, you can skip this article.

Please note that my use of CAPS is NOT meant to YELL at anyone but only to emphasize key points so they are more easily remembered.

The short of it...

Lag caused by physics (primarily avatar movement) is the number one cause of region lag



The BIGGEST IMPACT on server side lag is NUMBER OF AVATARS. 

Second is UNSEATED avatars. Long-story short, PROVIDE SEATING at your venue and ask that people be seated and maybe explain why. This will heavily reduce lag moreso than number of scripted attachments worn.

 I think that in your own club, where you provide passive entertainment as in burlesque, cabaret or live concerts, if you see people standing because there are not enough seats, then provide more seats and ask them to sit. A person standing who is wearing no scripts can impact sim lag as much, if not more,  as the person seated who is wearing a lot of scripts.

So a LIGHTBULB turns on in my head. If this be the case then any performer who is standing around during another performer(s) act is also conributing to unneeded lag. So ideally, they should be seated as well. So add seats backstage or below stage to help strangle this lag monster even more.

Lag caused by physics (primarily avatar movement) is the number one cause of region lag. If physics lag is bad enough, scripts simply will stop running; avatar movement is considered more important than scipts. If there are 40 people at an event, and many are moving about, it will be laggy even if none of those people are wearing scripts.

Moving away from a scripted prim will not do anything to reduce the “lag” it may be causing you. Scripts all run on the region server, and therefore, they are “global” to the server. No matter where you are in the region, the effect of that script running - that is, the time taken to run it, and the memory it consumes - will be felt on the entire region.




  • reduce your draw distance (do you really need to see 512m away?);
  • turn on avatar impostors (this makes drawing of distant avatars much faster);
  • disable atmospheric shaders (which serves to drastically reduce how much your computer has to render, as the sky alone is very graphics-intensive); (this is under Graphics-General)
  • if need be, inhibit the rendering of other avatars: using Phoenix: Advanced → Rendering → Types → Character; using Firestorm: Advanced → Rendering Types → Avatar - or derender them



Yes, the less scripts worn and running, the better SL will perform for all.  (Excerpted: There is no good reason whatsoever for anyone to be carrying around more than 200 scripts on a human avatar, even when in full RP attire, with combat HUDs)

AO's have an insignificant impact so it is ok to continue using them

Ok a cool new convenient feature of the latest release of the Firestorm/Phoenix viewers is that you can easily STOP scripts from RUNNING on attached items in cases where the item allows it. This would be handy when you dont want to remove (delete) a script but reduce its impact when attending a lag-sensitive performance

Right-Click and EDIT then choose from menu,  Build-->Scripts-->Set Scripts to Not Running.  You can set them to running again, after the event is over,  using the same path and choose Set Scrips to Running.



Prims (as is number of) effect on lag is minuscule.

Contrary to popular belief, particles do not “lag a SIM'. Their effect on a SIM, on the servers, is in fact close to zero



Don't be overly concerned about particles and their impact on a sim's performance. It''s a client-side thing. Also  you can turn down particle count on your client machine to reduce lag on your client.



This is when you have connectivity issues. There are problems somewhere in the network between your computer and the LL servers. This usually can be noticed when you start to experience packet loss. Press Shift-Ctrl-1 (or View → Statistics Bar) and look at the top, packet loss; ideally this should be 0%; if it isn't you have a connectivity issue and are losing data, Also, check Ping SIM. Ideally, this should be under 200.

Symptoms of a poor connection include (but are not limited to):

  • failure of your avatar or textures to rez.
  • object information not display in hover tips when you mouse over them
  • Teleport failure
  • random crashes

You can try to mitigate network lag by playing with your bandwidth. Too high, or too low, a value will result in network lag.

Aside from the network issues mentioned above, some programs may inhibit or interfere with a good connection. Some firewall software and anti virus programs are known to do this. You may want to temporarily disable them and see if the situation improves.





Based on our experience, we strongly recommend the following maximum settings for bandwidth - unless the calculations above suggest lower values:
  • Any type of wireless connection, including home wireless: 500
  • Hardwired DSL: 1000
  • Hardwired cable or better: 1500.


And that's Yummy's *taste* of things