Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Invitation to Workshop on Set Design in SL

Invitation to Workshop on Set Design in SL 120124

At 9 am on Saturday 28 January Leko Littlebird will give a class on Set Design in SL. The class will be at the Forbes Auditorium in SL and will last 60 to 90 minutes. Leko sent a nice invitation to us for this class which is in the Wednesday Daily Notice and included below ...


About Leko Littlebird and the Workshop

Leko Littlebird is one of those strange Second Life characters that does in SL exactly what he does in RL.  In both worlds he works in dance and theatre as a scenic designer and as a stage photographer of some notoriety.  While astonished by the raw creativity on display every day in Second Life by those who design for dance and theatre events, he wanted to share some of the traditions and techniques employed by real-life theatre artists that would be of great value to those designing or producing in Second Life.  Second Life and Real Life need not be so far apart. Each can inform and inspire the other.

As a fun bonus, Mr. Littlebird will begin his presentation by sharing images of RL dance companies he has worked with whose dance is typified by some of the magical elements one might think are only available to SL dancers (like flight)!

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and those more advanced as designers or builders in SL or those just interested in dance and theatre production in SL.
Location:  The Auditorium of Forbes Theatre on the SL campus of James Madison University (JMU)

More About Leko Littlebird:  Leko Littlebird is just past the newby stage in SL being but 14 months old in SL age, but his decades as a stage designer has allowed him to leap quite far ahead in SL experience.  As a RL stage designer, his work has taken him to such locations as: Russia, Italy, Israel, Prague, Canada, and the US to display his work as a designer. In the US he designs primarily Off-Broadway and in Regional Theatre.   As a stage photographer his work has been published as well all over the world and has been featured in such US publications as Dance Magazine, The New York Times, American Theatre Magazine, Playbill and in countless other books and Magazines.  In Second Life of late he has served as Resident Scenic Designer and Photographer for Ballet Pixelle working alongside it's other talented designers, dancers, and choreographer, Inarra Saarinen