Monday, January 16, 2012

Fleursoft Offers 'Open Source' HUD

Fleursoft Offers 'Open Source' HUD

Fleur Cooperstone announced the following in the Fleursoft Group today ...



Attached is Fleursoft DanceHUD OpenSource 1.3. This is basically the same exact one as the product - except - no support.

The top prim says 'Fleursoft DanceHUD OpenSource' vs paid for 'Fleursoft DanceHUD'
No support meaning-no automatic updates, no Transfer script & mostly not much support for answering questions from me

Anyone can have it - it's full perm - feel free to give it away

If anyone wants support - buy the Fleursoft DanceHUD for L$500

I will be posting the sources soon



With Fleur's permission I have put a copy in the DANCE QUEENS Free Stuff Box in Dance Central.

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  1. Do you know where I can find this hud? I am starting a dance class for elementary students and I know this hud and how easy it is to use. Any insight on where to get this would be great.