Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Classification of Couples Dances

Classification of Couples Dances 120118

In the past month Psyche Lunasea and I have spent quite a few hours together dancing all of the Couples Dances that we could find in SL. We used the listing of couples dances found on the INTAN website. I thought I had the largest collection of couples dances in SL at about 165, but Psyche has more than I do. We danced all of hers, then went to the stores of the ones neither she nor I had. We found almost all of the dances.

We classified the dances using the DANCE QUEENS Classification System, which identifies CATEGORIES (such as HipHop and Performance), then subdivides the CATEGORIES into STYLES. We found the classification system was pretty good and added just a few STYLES that were not listed. We made extensive use of the videos to help us see the Dance STYLES in RL.

Both of us found this exercise to be challenging and fun. It's not easy to classify dances, but we did it.

Here is the list of Couples Dances.

Please take a look at it. If you can fill in any of the blanks, send me the information. Just as importantly, if you think a dance is wrongly classified, let me know. We used the column named 'Characteristic' to put the name of the Couples Dance since the individual animation names had to be separated into male and female.

(NOTE: There are a few lines in the spreadsheet where the animation name has two or three entries. This is a conversion problem that I haven't solved in going from the Access database to the Google spreadsheet. I think you can figure out the entries while I try to solve this annoying problem.)