Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skate Dancing

Skate Dancing 111116

There are several options for Skate Dancing in SL. You can go to a location that features skate dancing like DANCE QUEENS member Emilia Sinatra's Rockin' Roller Rink or just use the free DANCE QUEENS - Skate and Dance (in the DANCE QUEENS Free Stuff Box) and Skate Dance anywhere.


Now DANCE QUEENS member Bryndyn Burton of DanceMaster has announced how to turn a DanceMaster Soli or Dance Master Pro into a group skating machine. Here is his announcement:

1) Purchase the KAMI-HITOE skating AO. Other skating animations will work with the DanceMaster but have not been tested.

2) Rez the delivered ":KH Ice Skate AO with Shoes" object.  You will be copying and modifying some of what was delivered.  However, you will still be able to use the original skating AO the way it was designed.

3) Copy the ":KH: Ice Skate AO" from the rezzed object to your inventory.

4) Rez the ":KH: Ice Skate AO" object from your inventory (it is small).

5) Copy the following animations from the rezzed AO object to your inventory:
          :KH: Ice skate walk1 /P4
          :KH: Ice skate walk2 /P4
          :KH: Ice skate walk3 /P4
          :KH: Ice skate walk4 /P4
          :KH: Ice skate walk5 /P4
          :KH: Ice skate walk6 /P4
          :KH: Ice skate Run /P4
          :KH: Ice skate turn L /P4
          :KH: Ice skate turn R /P4
You can copy other animations from the AO but they may not work well as skating animations with the DanceMaster.  Feel free to experiment, though.
6) Rename each of the above animations in your inventory to remove the ":KH: " prefix.  For example, ":KH: Ice skate walk1 /P4" must be renamed "Ice skate walk1 /P4"  by deleting the first 5 characters of the original name.  Be sure to remove the space after the second colon (":") character.  If you use animations from another vendor, be sure that their names meet DanceMaster dance name requirements (for example, the names cannot contain a ":" character).

7) Move each of the renamed animations into the contents of your rezzed DanceMaster object.

8) Add the following dance group to the *DM dances notecard in your DanceMaster:
skate1:Ice skate walk1 /P4
skate2:Ice skate walk2 /P4
skate3:Ice skate walk3 /P4
skate4:Ice skate walk4 /P4
skate5:Ice skate walk5 /P4
skate6:Ice skate walk6 /P4
skate run:Ice skate Run /P4
turn L:Ice skate turn L /P4
turn R:Ice skate turn R /P4

If you copied other animations from the AO be sure to include them with appropriate tags in your *DM dances notecard as well, either in this group or in another new group.  Remember that a  dance group can have at most 12 dances or animations in it.

9) Add the following formation to the *DM formations notecard in your DanceMaster:
formation:C big
start:<0, 10.0, 0>
center:<0, 0, 0>

This defines a big circle formation 20 meters across.  For smaller DanceMasters (6 or 12 dancers max)  you may want to make the circle smaller by changing the 10.0 value to something smaller.  If you are familiar with more advanced formations, you can easily make partial circles, a double nested circle, and others as well.

10) Position your DanceMaster over the middle of the area where you want people to skate and set its origin there using the origin cone. (Remember to put the new origin location in the *DM formations notecard.)

11) Reset the DanceMaster.

12) Chat the following commands on whatever command channel you use with your DanceMaster:
dynamic off
shuffle 60
group skate
formation C big
spin 45

The last command will ask you for permission to act on your control inputs.  You can answer no (assuming you don't want to alter the spin speed of the DanceMaster).  You may also want to use the "mute on" command to prevent the DanceMaster from notifying you every time it changes animations.  For smaller circles, you may want to spin the DanceMaster a little faster.  Again, feel free to experiment with spin speeds.
Your DanceMaster is now a group skating machine, and will randomly select a different skating animation every 60 seconds.  Great for parties and events! Using DanceMaster commands, you can also change animations anytime, set up auto-resyncing, or establish "mix" mode so that different skaters can choose different animations.

Enjoy the winter!