Sunday, November 13, 2011

DanceMaster - Control of Dance Shows

DanceMaster - Control of Dance Shows 111113

Brynyn Burton, the owner of DanceMaster, sent me information about the DanceMaster Dance Control System. I bought one and see a lot of potential for using it to control dance positions and animations during shows. Two systems are widely used now, the DB System and the XPOSE. This offers a third option. In a few weeks we will arrange a demonstration of the system for DANCE QUEENS members by Bryndyn. Here is the brochure information.



The DanceMaster is Second Life’s ultimate dance machine! 

DanceMaster machines make it possible for Second Life avatars to dance in synchronized dance formations under a dance host’s control.  Formations are shapes like circles, lines, spirals, and grids that control the placement of dancers on the dance floor, and that can be easily changed.  DanceMasters give the owner and dance host capabilities available in no other SL dance machines. 

Four types of models are available in a range of sizes (the number of dancers supported):

• DanceMaster Soli—The original model which provides synchronized formation dancing for individual dancers using solo animations.

• DanceMaster Duo—The DanceMaster for couples, which provides synchronized formation dancing for couples.  It works well with either solo or couple dance animations.

• DanceMaster Mobi—The portable DanceMaster that allows you to take synchronized formation dancing with you anywhere in SL, including places with limited permissions.

• DanceMaster Pro—The ultimate performance DanceMaster! It allows you to control animations at individual formation positions or patterns of positions, transition smoothly and slowly between formations, and create and run dance programs that coordinate music, animations, formations, narration, and effects.

All DanceMaster models are available inworld at the DanceMaster main store.

Selected models are also available online through the SL Marketplace.

Have questions, special requirements, or need more information? Contact Bryndyn Burton inworld by sending him a notecard anytime, or by email at  You may also request an invitation to join the DanceMaster Interest Group, a support group for DanceMaster owners, dance hosts, and other Second Life members who want to track the latest news about DanceMasters and share usage tips.


DanceMaster Pro Features
The DanceMaster Pro is the ultimate DanceMaster, an exciting dance machine that makes true dance choreography and performance control possible for the first time in Second Life!

The original DanceMaster introduced flexible formation-based group dancing, and is a great entertainment tool for dance clubs and DJs.  The Pro model takes DanceMaster technology to an entirely new level; it has all the original DanceMaster features plus everything you need to have total control over group performances and choreography:

• Create and assign different animation patterns to different formation positions!  For example, you can have every third dancer in a formation use one animation while the rest use another animation. These patterns can be preset or established dynamically.

• Create smooth timed transitions between one formation and the next! Dancers can move smoothly from their positions in one formation along straight or curved lines to positions in a new formation, while using any animation you choose. And dancers at different formation positions can use different transitions.

• Create complete automated animation performances with timed and choreographed changes to animations, formations, music, and particle effects!  A unique performance control language written in a notecard allows you to easily create any kind of performance ranging from short and simple to long and complex. 

• Performances can be as long as you want, by defining them in a series of notecards. Or create long and interesting performances with only a few commands.  Performances can contain repeating sections, timed waits, and waits for particular formation positions or patterns of positions to be occupied or unoccupied by dancers.

• Start, stop, pause, resume, and step through automated performances with full manual control at any time.  Combine automated performance with using DanceMaster commands “on the fly” to create improvised choreography during live performance.

• Add narration to your performances, by having the DanceMaster Pro shout or chat text synchronized with other performance elements.  The Pro will change its name to be your announcer of choice when narrating.

• Change the local music stream in synchronization with other performance elements, even on parcels where you are not the owner. The DanceMaster Pro comes with a stream changer you can give to the parcel owner to allow stream changes to be made by your DanceMaster Pro during performances. You can change the stream manually or under automated performance control at any time.

• Numbered dance pads make it easy to assign individual dancers to particular formation positions.

Imagine using features like these, plus the full range of regular DanceMaster functions, to create professional and realistic performances! If you can imagine it, you can now do it with the DanceMaster Pro!

Of course, the DanceMaster Pro can also contain and control animations that are not dances.  For example, you can include in your DanceMaster Pro a small group of "idle" animations (such as standing) that you can activate when music is not actively playing from your current audio stream, or walking animations can be used when transitioning between formations. Besides dance performances, the possibilities include ritual ceremonies, cheerleading, martial arts, "performance art" animations -- any activity where you want some flexible control over the animation of a group.  Use your imagination!
Prim Requirements, Capacity, and Pricing

A DanceMaster Pro requires one prim for each dancer to make formation dancing possible, plus one additional prim. For example, the 12-dancer model requires 13 prims at a minimum.  If you want to be able to switch formations dynamically while dancers are dancing, it requires an additional prim per dancer.  You can configure a DanceMaster Pro to use less than its maximum capacity if you are severely prim-limited or need to move it to a location which is prim-limited.

DanceMaster Pros are available in a range of standard capacities to meet your needs, from a 6-dancer model up to a 36-dancer model:

Maximum Capacity                  Price
          6 dancers                     $2500L
        12 dancers                    $5000L
        24 dancers                    $8000L
        36 dancers                    $11000L

Note that a given DanceMaster can be configured to support any number of dancers in a formation up to its maximum capacity.

Each DanceMaster is fully customizable and comes with extensive documentation that explains all of its features and commands in detail.  Quick setup and reference guides are also included.  If you would like personal assistance in setting up your DanceMaster, it may be possible to arrange this for a custom setup fee of $2500L per 1/2 hour.

Your DanceMaster purchase comes with a 30-day full-refund guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.  Bug fixes and product updates are provided for free.

Contact the creator, Bryndyn Burton, and arrange for an appointment to discuss your requirements.  This will help ensure that your investment in a DanceMaster will fully meet your needs. The DanceMaster is also featured by the Angels of Dance; contact Alamiga Anatine for an appointment to see it in action.

DanceMasters may be purchased at the DanceMaster main store.
For More Information

Have questions, special requirements, or need more information? Contact Bryndyn Burton by IM anytime.  You may also request an invitation to join the DanceMaster Interest Group, a support group for DanceMaster owners, dance hosts, and other Second Life members who want to track the latest news about DanceMasters and share usage tips.