Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finding Dances in Stores

Finding Dances in Stores 111122

If you are looking for a specific dance or animation for example from a DANCE QUEENS Dance Sequence, you can find the store using the DANCE QUEENS Dance Sequence info, the DANCE QUEENS Dance Makers list, the dance details or from the profile of the dance creator.

Each vendor's store is organized differently. Some use bots that you can ask (Sine Wave for example), some list the dance SLURLs on their website (Ministry of Motion for example) and some are organized really easily (MyAnimation for example). Others put a floating text above the dance pad (A&M for example) and you can just walk through the store reading the names of the dances.

Animated poses are often harder to find and maybe located in an AO Pack. A quick way to look inside the dance pack is to use your edit function. Just right click on the demo dance pad and select Edit. This lets you see the list of dances and scripts inside an object. This way you don't have to hop on the demo dance pad and click through the entire contents of an AO Pack to see if the animated pose you want is inside.

If you are a Phoenix user, you can also find a specific dance at a store using the Area Search. Look at the menu at the top of your screen and select 'Phoenix' then 'Area Search' to bring up a window called Area Search for Objects. You can enter the name of the dance in one of the boxes, for example, 'Name search string.' Next, you click on Refresh to get a list of items with that name. Double click on the name and you see a red beam pointing to the item. Voila and there it is. To remove the red beam click on the small red arrow on your screen. This works for stores that name objects with the dance name (like Sine Wave) but not at stores where the dance name is only in an anim (like Henmations).