Saturday, June 22, 2024

*NEW* Dance Queens Walk of Fame!


Greetings Dance Community!

This is to invite you and/or your troupe to earn a place in Dance Queens new Walk of Fame.  This is an installation that we are creating over time.  It will start out small but we hope to grow it.  We will have stepping stones outside the Info Center that have stars and the names of those who step up and choose to participate in this fun venture.  The purpose of this project is to help us share and spend more time together, get to know one another better.  It is our hope to build a long walkway over time that celebrates the many people whose passion drives them to create virtual dance and share these imaginative journeys with others.

Example of paver which will have your name or your troupe name in the place of DANCE QUEENS: 

To get your STAR in the Walk of Fame all you need to do is one show at Dance Queens on the Web Sass Stage.  This show will be on a day and time of your choice.  You can feature a show by your troupe and get your troupe's name on a STAR.  We also welcome individual performers doing a show featuring their own acts.  You may put out tip jars or may choose to have tips donated to Dance Queens, which goes entirely for tier on the sim.  To book a show and earn your STAR in the Dance Queens Walk of Fame, please IM Pea.  Everyone who earns their star in the Walk of Fame will also receive a STAR to hang up on their wall at their home or venue.  Thank you for sharing your creative visions!

Example of star for a wall which will have your name or your troupe name in the place of DANCE QUEENS: 

The paver and the star have been created using advanced lighting and have a dance icon that is unique to this project.

ZZ had started a Wall of Fame but she passed in RL and since no one had her password, we lost our Wall of Fame.  We have steps in place to prevent that from happening with our Walk of Fame.  Please participate and help us build a historical tribute to the troupes and people who make virtual dance in Second Life.  There is no time limit on this project.

♥ Pea