Thursday, June 27, 2024



Saturday 29thth June 1pm slt Audience Participation

Debauche Invite you all to dance

 Quite simply its your turn to shine, your turn to step on up and show us how to dance. Just request it and dance it. That's right it really is that  easy

 Fun, fun, fun is order As Debauche invite you to our Easter come Spring get up and dance , so please instant message Laura or myself with your requests. See our dances at
Saturday 29th June 1pm slt Audience Participation

Early requests really do help in running the party smoothly


Sunday 30th June, The Risque show, 1pm SLT @ DOGEPALOOZA

Debauche dance a rather risque show  at the exciting venue of DOGEPALOOZA , for a show that's just a tiny bit more risque than usual, A most decidedly adult show. hence the name Risque

Debauche invite you to show of excitement, fun and wonder. Please come wearing smart casual and join in with the joyment

The show does contain full nudity

Sunday 30h June, The Risque show, 1pm SLT

Here's your ride!!