Thursday, December 8, 2022

Idle Rogue Productions

Friday December 9th at 10pm and
Saturday December 10th at 7PM
Get there early and spend an hour in the good company of the Idle Rogues

Idle Rogue Productions presents "Les Coquin Oisif" for The Dickens Project

Idle Rogue Productions are once again thrilled to join the Arts-Lit community who contribute to Seanchai Library's "The Dickens Project", a themed experience celebrating the author, his times, and the art of story-telling.
Our production is a glistening snow-covered delight, featuring all your beloved dance storytellers AND the long-awaited return to the stage of Zahra Ethaniel!
Presented in a purpose-designed theater with limited box seating and making use of the Metaharpers  guided camera to immerse you in the event - make a night of it at Seanchai Library's The Dickens project!

Special instructions/dress code if one:
Victorian/Steampunk/Winter/Holiday encouraged but not required. Remember your scripts affect the show, we appreciate your efforts to minimise your impact.