Thursday, December 1, 2022

December Raffle!!


The Mynx Dance Company was established in 2014 by Kyser and Taema Mynx.

The Mynx Dance Company provides a home for artists, teachers, and performers from throughout Second Life. Our theater is a hub for the performing arts, a welcoming space that brings the dance community together. 
Our main focus is to introduce audiences  to a wide spectrum of dance forms through our very talented choreographers and dancers. 

"A dancer is an artist who uses the body as the canvas; and the music as the colors."

This month's raffle is sponsored by Mynx Dance Company! They have so graciously donated 1000L gift cards to AlaFoilie, Heartsdale Jewelry, Sweet Thing and Utopia!  So please make sure you check out Mynx Dance Company and enter the raffle! 50L unlimited entries!!! Good luck!