Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Spirit Light Dance Company


Spirit Light Dance Company Presents "In Spirit" Summer Showcase
Sunday Aug 21st & 28th 
At 12 noon slt

 SPIRIT LIGHT Dance Company Presents

                                                        Sponsored by Rockcliffe University                                                       SUMMER SHOWCASE 2022
    Rockcliffe University

It’s hard to think about the end of summer (Northern Hemisphere folks) when it still feels like summer just began!  Let’s distract ourselves by sharing in the artistry that knows no seasons, that comes from the beautiful music, the great choreography, and the sumptuous sets of the Spirit Life Dance Company’s Summer Showcase.  Yes, mark on your calendars, noon SLT, August 21 and 28, Theater of Light - Rockcliffe  University as the performance dates.
When the curtain opens, you will see a dance classroom.  Students are warming up as the instructor, Caryl Meredith, talks about the mechanics of dancing, the meanings of movement, and the excitement that takes over the performer.  Her instruction to her students is quite simple:  create a dance that expresses the choreographer’s skills and passions . . . and share it with an audience.  Some choreographers are new to the dance tools used by the company and will show off their recently acquired technical skills.  Others are veterans who have been with the company from the beginning, but never stop searching for new ways to express their artistry.  All are called to present something that is original to them, engaging some aspect of choreography that is untried, always reaching for new skills, originality, stage presence and artistry.  Their instruction is to make an invisible connection with the audience in a way not tried before.

The dances tentatively include a wide variety of themes, including “Against the Wind,” “Cello Song,” Natu Natu,” “You’re the Boss,” “Borrowed Time,” “At Seventeen,” “Senorita,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” and “Oh La La” as the finale.  No matter how you tap your foot, you will find a way to do it with these numbers!

SLDC is a company that prides itself in its innovative melding of virtual environments, and traditional and modern dance techniques.  There is nothing “automatic” in their performances.  All dances are live and driven in real time by the performers.  The result is an uplifting experience for audience members that transcends time and place.
So, don’t let the August blues get to you!  Summer may be ending but passions are still alive.  Please join us for Summer Showcase 2022, August 21 and 28, noon SLT, at the Rockcliffe University Theater.  Come early!  Seating is limited.

Communications Coordinator 
Ariel Cifuentes

                                   Special instructions/dress code if one:    
                   ~~~ **  Please arrive with your scripts 50 or under. ** ~~~