Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Misfit Dance & Performance Art


Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents:

♥ Misfit Follies - NatureCon 2022 
      ~ a Showcase of Theater Dance Art ♥
NatureCon 2022 is a two-week virtual conference seeking to unite and inspire collaboration between Bellisseria and Mainland organizations under the shared goal of promoting exploration across the grid.

Misfit Dance & Performance Art is honored to part of the 1st year of this amazing event! 

Note : These shows will be at a special location in the sky above the NatureCon regions. 

Friday Aug 19th    5 PM 
Sat Aug 20th  9 AM
Friday Aug 26th   5 PM
Sat  Aug 27th    10 AM

PreShow music & fun starts 30 minutes before Showtime.   Please plan to arrive early to guarantee your seat!

We have put together an awesome program with a few of our Nature & Animal inspired dance numbers. Come join the fun! 
 Just Keep Swimming
Come experience our Misfit Dance Cam HUD -  where you  wear a little HUD button  and WE - control what you see.  It's like a video LIVE on stage -  so amazing!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  ~ eXpect the uneXpected

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.

SLURL to the special location: