Monday, January 25, 2021

Oeil Du Tigre Burlesque House


January 29th Friday 7 pm slt

Oeil Du Tigre Burlesque House

        Oeil Du Tigre's 
          Burlesque House 
          "Dripping in Luxury"  
      Join our choreographers, Christee , Elerra, Lotta, Path, and Laycie and our  dancers Merelynn, Essa and Laius , this will be a star studded performance. 
     We selected festive music and fantastic costumes to please the ears and the eyes!

     This is not a show to miss! Make sure to arrive early and 
     claim your seat.  Please remove all unnecessary HUDS 
     and Ao's. It will reduce script count and help to make 
     the show better for everyone!
  There would be no US ♫  without  YOU ♫ !!

Special instructions/dress code if one:  Casual to Formal.


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