Wednesday, January 6, 2021



Saturday 9th January at 12.30pm slt New, improved Jane Bond Show

A very special show danced by  quite special dance troupe

It's new, it's bigger, it's better. James Bond returns in a new revamped show with spectacular effects and Choreography that will blow you away, Debauche are proud to bring James Bond, sorry Jane Bond to Ville by special request

Please come dressed in style. Tuxe's or similar for guys, lovely, sexy  gowns for the ladies, please with low scripts but come in style. New routines mixed with firm favourites 

For you Ayla, Jane Bond 007 comes to Ville de Coeur

Saturday 9th January, 12.30pm slt James Bond at Ville de Coeur


Sunday 10th January, 12.30pm slt Debauche at New Berlin

Debauche are so pleased and honoured to be performing at this prestigious venue, especially being first regular show of 2021. Babylon Berlin is a long lasting venue, so please come to see great routines. Brand new dances and firm favourites

  Debauche will  go all out to thrill and amaze you. You know Debauche are little bit risque, lots of sexiness mixed with touch of naughtiness and so much class

12.30pm slt 10th January  at the famous Babylon Berlin

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