Thursday, July 2, 2020

*NEW* Raffle July


The Oasis Dancers invite one happy winner and a friend (of their choice) to be part of our team. Visit us backstage and be part of a show. Dance with us one routine and feel the state of excitement before the show starts. Take your own passion for dancing on stage together with one of the best dance teams at Second life.

We sponsor the costumes for the show and both people can keep them afterwards.
We ask a videographer to make a video of the part the winners are included as a gift from our team.

We will ask you to schedule two dates - for rehearsal and for the show in August probably.

The team language is German. But of course we speak English too. 
We are curious for the winners and look forward to meet you. Good Luck!

Luella (Lilith Lindley)
Director Oasis Dancers

50L entry and unlimited entries!
All proceeds to support Dance Queens.

Enter here!