Thursday, July 2, 2020

Elysium Road Show @ The Plaza Theater

Elysium is going to Paris!  Presenting Folies Elysium!

Elysium Cabaret is proud to return to The Plaza Grand Theater, a spectacular venue in Second Life, hosting a variety of entertainment, shows, dancing, and shopping in an elegant setting. Please join us Sunday, July 5th at 1pm SLT.  It is Elysium "Folies Bergère" style!  We will be stepping back in time, with acts themed around grand bygone days of cabaret, sass and sexy.  We encourage our audience to dress up in late-Victorian costumes or anything vintage as we present a traditional CanCan amongst other specialties for your enjoyment.  The show will be followed by a dance party with a DJ happy to spin your requests.  Dressing up in costume is not required to attend the show or the dance party after, but if you want to get caught up in the spirit of the event, have fun with it and dress up!  

Your horse-drawn carriage!

There will be open dancing after. It promises to make for a magnificent event! Hope to see you there!

In the spirit of Folies Bergère, Elysium takes the stage at the elegant Grand Plaza Theater to perform a show that will take you back in time to bygone days of sass and sexy.  Back to the times when a peek under a skirt could raise an eyebrow.  Come have fun!  Dress to theme if you want to join in on the spirit of the event!  Dressing to theme is not required.  A dance party will follow the show.  Bring friends and make it an event to remember!