Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Spirit Light Dance Company

Spirit Light Dance Company Presents  -- "1980s Show - DECADES 2

Sponsored by
Rockcliffe University
So, what were you doing in the 1980s?  OK, you weren’t born yet.  But for those of you who were, and for everybody else out there, how about an afternoon of 80’s music nostalgia?  Now is your chance to join the performers of the Spirit Light Dance Company (SLDC) as they dance their way through the great hits of the 80’s, and into the hearts of those who remember.  It's revival time!!!. 
It all takes place at the Rockcliffe University Theater, March 22nd, 29th, & April 5th, 12:00 Noon SLT.  You will be treated to the likes of Bon Jovi, George Michael, Kiss, Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, Heart, Eurythmacs, Queen, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Journey, and A-Ha.  The sets are magical.  No matter how hard you try, you will not help but be transported to a bygone time.
Just in case you don’t know (or don’t remember), SLDC is one of the premier dance companies of Second Life, showing to both the virtual and actual worlds the beauty, finesse, and choreographic sophistication that is possible when dance traditions are wedded to (and enlivened by) virtual-world technical possibilities.  The dances require a visceral understanding of dance as an artistic medium, and an ability to translate this understanding to a world of imagination through pixels.  SLDC choreographers know how to do it. 
So, you weren’t born yet in the 1980s?  After you see this presentation, you will wish you had been born.  Now you can make up for lost time:  March 22nd and 29th, and April 5th at Rockcliffe University, 12:00 Noon SLT.  Phil Collins is right.  It’s “not dead yet!

               All performances are open to the public and begin at 12 noon, SLT.    
            Arrive by 11:30 to be sure to get a seat. This show is sure to fill up early. 
                             Please arrive with your scripts 50 or under...