Sunday, March 8, 2020

Misfit Dance & Performance Art

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents:
       " Misfit Follies -
                 a Showcase of Theater Dance Art "
March March March!  We are so excited for our March production!
Join us for a really fun lineup of Theater Dance Art which includes one of our Fan Favs -  "Food Fight" and the debut of a brand new number "PaperAce" - a dance dedicated to friendship! 
Here are the details --

Wed     March 11      6 PM  SL Showtime
Thurs   March 19      10 AM SL Showtime
Wed    March 25       6 PM SL Showtime
Preshow music & fun starts 30 minutes before Showtime - 
  Please arrive early to guarantee your seat and to allow our animations and special effects to preload in your viewer.
The Visit
Spy vs. Spy
Along Comes Mary
Food Fight
Banzai Samurai
PaperAce   *New! debut*
   ,,,,eXpect the uneXpected!

Come experience our Misfit Dance Cam HUD -  where you  wear a little HUD button  and WE - control what you see!   It's like a video LIVE on stage!
Contact JenzZa Misfit for further information
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