Friday, February 7, 2020

Amazon Dancers

Sunday 9th February at 4pm slt

Amazon Dancers

HELLO and GOOD EVENING!  With great pleasure the Amazon Dancers  will present you tonight  their show BRASIL RACE AND COLORS!
Brasil Race and Colors was the first show created for and perfomed by the Amazon Dancers group in 2015.
The show likes o give you some impression of Brazilian culture starting with the classic song “O Guarani”, composed by Carlos Gomes, followed by “The little Country train”, representing the joy of the interior, then “Aquarela” an internationally known song with its rhythms and colors, finally “Ox” of Brazilian folklore telling the legend of the ox
The show lasts for 40min in 5 acts.
1 act- Guarani
2 act- Little Country Train
3 act- Aquarela
4 act- Ox
5 act- Finale Act
The Dancers:
Mcpol, Neiva, Ryimena, Analoon, Analaura, Bomxx, Fechenko, Lysa, Vida, Lylla, Dani, Gipsy, Reinah, Esperantisto, MonteRigi
Choreography, music and voice: mcpol 
Sceneries: Neiva and Bomxx
Costume Design: Neiva and mcpol
Ligthing: Bomxx
Costumes manager:Lylla
Stage Manager: Esperantisto and Fechenko
Thank you to all of the Amazon Dancers group. It takes a lot of work and enthusiasm until such a show is ready for the performance.

DressCode is Formal/semi formal

For the best viewing experience we ask you all to turn off Name Tags in Preferences and also turn off or remove your Ao's and scripts to help reduce lag. Thank you.