Sunday, December 8, 2019

Amazon Dancers

We are presenting tonight!!!
Thursday 12th December at 4pm slt
Sunday 15th December at 1pm slt
Tuesday 17th December at 4pm slt

A Brazilian Christmas story
On Christmas Eve, Santa prepares to deliver the Christmas presents from his home at the North Pole to the World.
He leaves with his sled, but gets lost and falls into the Amazon jungle.
Along his way in the forest, he meets animals and creatures of the forest: Iaras, Sacis, Blue macaws, butterflies ... but finally finds an native village where everyone celebrates Christmas.
The show lasts 60min, and is divided in 6 acts:
1- North Pole
2- Sacis
3- Butterflies
4- Blue macaws
5- Iaras
6- native village
7- final act

The last act is a tribute to our friend Maxx, beautiful voice person that makes us miss ...

Cullum, Neiva, mcpol, Analoon, Ryimena, Reinah, Analaura, Monterigi, Fechenko, Bomxxx, Noah, Esperantisto, Flamered, Vida, Dani, Analaura, Gipsy, Lysa
Choreography and music: mcpol
Costume Designer: Neiva and mcpol
Scenarios and graphic art: Neiva and Bomxxx
Stage Manager: Esperantisto and Fechenko
Lighting Director: Bomxxx
Thank you all for your presence, to see our show. May I ask you to please remove Aos and tags for better viewing and less lag !!
A special thanks to sunset quinnell for donating the avatars sacis
I thank everyone in the team for their dedication and efforts,
and to all of you, team and audience
.. a Merry Christmas !!!
DressCode is Casual/semi formal

Thursday 12th December at 4pm slt  Here's your ride!
Sunday 15th December at 1pm slt  Your Taxi!
Tuesday 17th December at 4pm slt  Come join us!
(Please note different LMs for each show)