Thursday, December 19, 2019

Debauches Shows This Weekend!

Christmas At Trophy Room 21st December 12.30 pm slt

ooh no.. :( its happened, its here the very last two Christmas shows of the year..

Never despair, for Debauche will give you huge Seasonal Cheer Saturday as we perform Christmas classics and favourites. Its huge pride we dance at the Trophy Room.

Come in Seasonal attire, though low scripted, of course.

Debauche at the TR Saturday 21st December 12.30pm slt - 3:00pm sl


Sunday 22nd December 12.30pm slt Last Christmas Show

Please join us at our last Christmas joy of 2019. Debauche are so grateful for each and everyone of you over this Seasonal period.

Sundays show will be extra special as Debauche we go all out to send you seasonal cheer and good will. Clap, stamp feet, come in fancy dress and lets all have a very Merry Christmas

Christmas at home with Debauche. 12.30pm slt - 3:00pm slt Sunday 22nd December