Friday, November 22, 2019

Exit, Stage Left

Hi there,

I am stepping down from the Manager role at Dance Queens.

Can't decide if I'm taking a break or taking a hike. Time will tell, I guess.

Thank you to Web for the opportunity to help contribute to the dance community for the past year in this role.

I've learned a lot and gotten to know a lot of good folks, and I hope I've helped more than I've hindered.

But I think it's time for someone else to have a chance to experience it for themselves, and to make a difference.

More thanks...

To the choreographers, who put it all together while desperately trying to keep it all together.

To the directors, who stack the shows, balance egos, and keep the magic flowing.

To the set builders, who build the canvas upon which art flows. Oh, that's texture thrashing? Dammit.

To the costumers, who disappoint the perverts who want to see us all naked.

To the dancers, who provide the medium through which motion is made (until animesh has matured sufficiently).

To the toolmakers, without whom we'd all be just standing around. (Stupid backstage movers.)

To the emcees, who coordinate the music we dance to, otherwise we'd all look weird for no reason.

To the venue owners, who provide the stages on which we lag... I mean dance.

To the hosts, who make us feel welcome, scary eyes and all.

To the fans who suffer through removing facelights, HUDs, and scripts every time they come to a show. (And putting them all back in afterwards so they can remove them all again.)

To the teachers, trying to jam into our heads everything we're too lazy to RTFM or YouTube ourselves.

To the videographers and photographers, capturing moments and memories, and deleting the ones we'd rather forget.

To Linden Lab, for the platform that lets us all do this, or sometimes in spite of it. (Second Life, not Sansar. I mean, get real.)

And to everyone that makes the impossible possible.