Friday, November 15, 2019

Dancers Wanted - Virtuoso


We are a duo working on a new project together
We are working on a dance and looking for dancers men/women

Dance of Heroes

Hello everyone,

Demrias and Kris, are starting a project of dance and we looking for few dancers would like to be in the project. both men and women are welcome. If you are interested please contact Demrias Amaranth.
If you are new in the group is your chance to get a start in this aventure.

Organization team:

Demrias Amaranth secondlife:///app/agent/9887ab66-4db3-4e37-ad7c-927c5f320d63/about
Kris Carnell  secondlife:///app/agent/df00a443-b9e6-46d7-b037-f4c144bea7d6/about