Friday, March 1, 2019

*New* Raffle at DQ

Hi Kings and Queens! Johnny from Paragon Dance Animations has decided to sponsor a raffle this month for a full dance pack! We so appreciate his support of DQ!

Here are a few words about the dance pack valued at 2400L and containing 10 dance animations:

Unisex salsa solo bento dance animations by Miguel Maganda, a salsa phenom on the rise in the Los Angeles salsa scene. Miguel is the current dance partner of Liz Lira "the Queen of Salsa."

With his slick, flashy and dynamic moves, Miguel brings the hottest salsa solo to the grid with his LA style salsa (on 1) that will leave the others in smoke.

Paragon, setting the GOLD standard of dancing in SL with natural and detailed hands/finger articulation, smooth movements at a good FPS, and seamless looping.

For your entry fee of just 50L to support Dance Queens you have a chance to win this spectacular animations pack! Also members of the gold group get 15% discount in the store and access to all gifts which are only out for a limited time, forever! Sweet deal, hit me up for a group tag if you are a performer.

Here is your taxi to enter the raffle! Good luck everyone!