Friday, March 29, 2019

A big weekend for Debauche!

Saturday 30th March 1pm SLT Playtime

We are thrilled to be heading to the home of one of our biggest fans, the delightful Jenna, to perform on her own sim. 
 It is so lovely to be invited to do this and we are so very happy to do so. Really looking forward to it.

 Sexy Debauche, Epic Debauche, Romantic Debauche


 Come join us as Jenna opens her home to us all

 Saturday 30th March 1pm SLT

Debauche's Opening Weekend!
 Sunday 31st March, 9am SLT Miss S

 Sunday is THE big day for us and for Miss S.

 A Brand New Sim, Brand New Store and for us, A BRAND NEW THEATER!

 We are honored to have been asked to take part in this great opening day and join in with a wonderful timetable of events.

9.00 am SLT START
  • DJ, Dancing
  • Laura Richard's amazing Gallery Opening
  • Miss S -  the BEST in tights, pantyhose and more -  new store opening

10.30 am SLT    Miss S and CENSORED Fashion Show
  • Featuring CENSORED, the Debauche Model agency. See the Debauche dancers strut their stuff on the catwalk, showing the wonderful range of Miss S designs

11.30am - DJ, Dancing

12.30 pm SLT    Debauche show and official opening of the Erin Gobraghless Theater
  • For this grand occasion, we are performing a grand show.  Epic routines, classic routines and once more performing Pink Floyd's Echoes in its entire 23 minutes.  If you missed this the first time, here is another chance to see this landmark performance
Come join us please

2.30pm slt  DJ, dancing, after party etc