Monday, June 12, 2017


an overview by Klark Harvy

I am proud to have witnessed some amazing developments in SL Dance, in the last decade.

One of the more recent reasons for this is the fantastic classes being offered now, within the Dance Community for all ability levels.

It personally makes me very happy to see that teaching, by people with expertise, has now become a huge part of the SL dance community, i sincerely hope that continues. It is  so important to get the fundamentals in place, to allow creativity to flow and flourish.

Professional classes being taught by competent people is a vast development, and I am so glad that people have finally realised the importance to share your knowledge and take the time and effort to present learning material it in a conducive environment, and disciplined way to others.

No one can ever control who facilitates, and what is  delivered, at all classes, but whoever and whatever, does bring an awareness to both the teacher and their students.

The teachers will learn  many things about themselves, their capabilities and their knowledge, and lack of, if they cannot answer the questions the students present, or they see no learning happen,  so it is all good for everyone.

It is SL, and at last  people are recognising that to dance here, successfully and uniquely, it is more than just learning the tools, and playing fuzzy felt pictures.

It is about  having the full foundation to bring your "own" creativity to the  stage, without that we see "same old - same old" , and that does not bring progress and development.

Dance in SL, is a creative discovery and therapy, for everyone who embarks on this awesome Journey, Performers and  Audience alike.

We all learn in different ways , and i feel now that there is a vast array of teaching methods and styles out there, that there will be something suitable to enable anyone and everyone to grow in Creativity in Dance.

The last few years have seen Dance Schools, Academies, and Private Tuition, as paramount  arenas for mastering the variety of tools available, and has provided a great motivating support network for all ability levels.

I thank you all, on behalf of the Dance Community,  for your continued showcases of talent, in both Education and Performance.

Someone once said... "Those who can - Do, and those who Can't - Teach"

This is a blind quote to make, because in Second Life, at least,i believe.

                      " THOSE WHO CAN - INSPIRE, THOSE WHO CANT - DON'T"
                                                    LET'S DO IT GREAT!