Wednesday, May 31, 2017

En Pointe Academy - New SL Dance School!

Welcome to En Pointe Academy! a new SL dance school aimed at getting dancers and wannabe-dancers up to speed with Spot On products, tips and tricks for choreography; set design, implementation and 'packing'; special effects and various other aspects of SL dance. The creativity part is ALL up to you!

Our first class is a basic mover class...the Spot On Choreography System, taught by Shadow Tarber. You will be required to own the latest version of the Choreography System (1.20) If you don't have the latest version, it can be obtained at the Spot On Store's redelivery terminal:

To sign up for the class, please IM either Aelva Resident or Shadow Tarber. You are encouraged to join the En Pointe Academy group to get notices of future classes.

(paste above link into your local chat and click to obtain group info)

Class SL URL:

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