Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dance Queens Art Gallery IMPORTANT Information

To ALL dance troupes,

We are in the process of  curating for the new Dance Queens Art Gallery. We need submissions of show pictures for slide shows and featured photography for the gallery walls. The Photographer will be identified and we need permission to use the photo from them. Slide shows will have various pictures from troupes all over SL. We want everyone included, this is the community project and all submissions will be considered, if they aren't featured they will be in slide shows. The featured photos will be rotated every 3-4 months. The best way is to send Web Sass your Flicker link and permission to use your dance photos, that ensures the right sizes and proportions are used. If this isn't okay, then send photos or make contact for an email address so this is at no cost to you. In addition, if your troupe hasn't submitted a folder with a square full perm logo, a notecard and LM for the info center wall, please get those in, please.

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