Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Misfit Dance & Performance Art - March 2017 Schedule!

March 2017

Wed       March 1         6 pm SL
Wed       March 8          6 pm SL
Friday   March 10       10 am SL
Wed     March  15         6 pm SL
Wed     March  22         6 pm SL
Wed     March  29         6 pm SL


Misfit Dance & Performance Art  -  March 2017 Schedule!

 " Misfit Follies  ~  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art "
We are so proud to present shows each week for our amazing audience of dance art patrons!  With over 40 (and growing!) story dance art pieces to build our weekly shows with --  You never know what you are going to get!  Dancing Giraffe?   ...Twirling Mice? ...  King Kong ??   ... Come join the fun !

Weekly shows at the Misfit Forest Theater  on Wednesdays at 6 pm SL  - preshow Broadway Tunes music starts at 5:30 pm SL.

Once per month on certain Fridays at 10 AM SL - preshow music starting at 9:30 am SL  for our global time zones friends!

We will usually include fun choreographed Group Dancing with the audience after our shows  -  wicked cool ....seriously!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art.    Prepare to be delighted.

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.