Saturday, February 18, 2017

Invitation to Perform at Fantasy Faire 2017

In just a couple of months, the Fairelands will rise again, and it will be time for Fantasy Faire 2017.

Between April the 20th and April the 30th, the magic awakens and there will be those fantastic sims, shops, hunt and adventures of all kinds for us all to enjoy and performances of many kinds. And we want YOU to join us!

Do you have a show you want to participate with? We are looking for stories or themed shows on a fantasy theme and have 2 weeks of timeslots to book so fill out the notecard attached and/or contact Aelva Resident for more info.

For more info on Fantasy Faire please check this blog:
Fantasy Faire Blog
Let the magic begin!

Performer application Fantasy Faire 2017

Copy and paste the following to a NC and fill it the application below:

Group name:

Head choreographer:

Dancers (Mark those that need build rights):


Show theme/ name:

Preferred show days and times:

Group Logo (Full perm so we can use for advertisement):

Group biography/ info ( also for adds):