Friday, January 27, 2017

Spirit Light Dance Company - Virtual Expressions

                                        Spirit Light Dance Company
                                                       Brings You
                                                Virtual Expressions
                                             A Choreographers Choice
                                                  Benefit show for
                                                Rockcliffe University
                                              January 29th 12 noon SLT

                                         "those who were seen dancing
                                            were thought to be insane
                                 by those who could not hear the music.”

          Dance is one of the ways of releasing emotions of the human heart.
                    Over the centuries we have perfected this movement,
       designated names for the steps and evaluated the technique of the moves.
        We use our subjective opinions to determine what is good and what is not.
                                   But is that really what dance is about?
         Is not dance the release of emotions held within the soul of the dancer?
                               I think it is. Dancers dance because we must,
                     Choreographers Create because they are moved to do so.

                                         SLDC Choreographers Bring you
                                                 Virtual Expressions

                           11 exciting numbers that will have you snapping
                                    your fingers and tapping your toes --
                                         you won't want to miss this.
                                  Please keep your script at 50 or under.
                            We often Fill the sim so plan to get there early
                        Seating is free but bring your Ls to support a worthy cause.
                                             First come first serve.