Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Misfit Dance & Performance Art January & February 2017 News !

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  January & February 2017 News !

  " Misfit Follies  ~  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art "

We are so proud to present shows each week for our amazing audience of dance art patrons!  With over 40 (and growing!) story dance art pieces to build our weekly shows with --  You never know what you are going to get!  Dancing Giraffe?   ...Twirling Mice? ...  King Kong ??   ... Come join the fun !!

Misfit Dance is broadening out in 2017 to include shows on various days & nights of the week to bring the party to people all over the globe!
Check the Dance Queens calender or SL Event listings for dates & times  and hop on over to the Misfit Forest Theater for a show   -   YOU are why we do this!
We will usually include fun choreographed Group Dancing with the audience after our shows  -  wicked cool ....seriously!

We are also SO honored to announce that The SL Enquirer, Second Life's oldest & most followed news source ( over 10 years) and it's CEO/Editor Lanai Jarrico and staff, have made the decision to name us their  " Top Pick for Performance Art" and have generously offered to promote Misfit Dance and all we do on the website and with various wonderful inworld promotional options.  Thank you SL Enquirer !!  Unexpected Angels exist!
Misfit Dance & Performance Art.    Prepare to be delighted.

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.

Misfit Dance & Performance Art shows -- Jan & Feb 2017


Wed              Jan 4       7 pm show

Thursday       Jan 12    10 am show

Friday            Jan 20      7 pm show

Wednesday    Jan 25     4 pm show        NEW TIME

Monday         Jan 30      7 pm show


Friday        Feb 3      10 AM show

Monday     Feb 6      7 pm show

Wed Feb    Feb 8      4 pm Show      NEW TIME

Sunday       Feb 12    7 pm show

Wed            Feb 22      7 pm show