Thursday, November 17, 2016


In November 2015 a group of very talented choreographers and dancers came together to form what is known today as the Phoenix Dance Team. Rising from the ashes, the team as a whole made it's mark in the dancing community. We respectfully invite each of you to join us Saturday evening, November 19th at 6pm slt for our performance at the Phoenix Theater as we showcase some of our routines from this past year.After our show, we will have the the pleasure of having DJ Vlad Drakul-Dragonash spinning some great music out in our garden area from 7-9pm.

The evening's directors                             The evening's dancers
~ Sebastain Bourne                                     ~ Fukuju Amaterasu
~ Lily Pussycat                                           ~ HunterofMen Zarco
~ SouthernComfort Magic                          ~ JP Damien
~ Ame Starostin                                          ~ Sassy
~ Zach Starostin                                          ~ Troy
~ Dyhann Gibbs
~ Nadi Zsun                                               Hostess ~ Jessica Marabana
~ Jack Shepherd                                        
~ Sendar
~ Seth Oleander                                         DJ ~ Caranora Kendall
~ Adam & Muse Magic                            
~ Litz Pobieski                                           Photographer ~ Deb Destiny
~ Ray Lobo






❊ ❉    To ensure the best possible viewing during the show, it's best to position your camera in the front of the stage so it gives time for your viewer to read everything that will be there for the show.

❊ ❉    As always, we do ask that you remove any extra scripts that you will not be using during our show. With it being a small area, you will experience lag and we do apologize for that, however, there isn't much that we can do. We would like to have everyone script down to a maximum of 100 to help with the dancers that will be on the stage. It's also suggested that you lower your draw distance to a maximum of 100, this way your viewer won't have to work so hard reading everything past that which will also help with lag on your end.

❊ ❉    You can also remove the name tags above the dancers head if you so choose. To do that, it will be in your preferences section under the general tab for your viewer.

❊ ❉    Please remain seated during the performance. The less that everyone is moving around, the better it is for the lag situation.

❊ ❉    Music will be streamed so please make sure you have it enabled so that you can also enjoy the music as it's being played.

❊ ❉    There are 3 tips jars near the front of the stage. One is for the DJ.. one is for the Host and the other is for the directors for the show. Tipping is not mandatory to enjoy the show, but it is greatly appreciated.