Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meet Noir NeverLand Cabaret! Hiring Dancers!!

Kyra Msarko has finally started her own dance troupe!  Here is what the Mistress of the Night has to say about her new venture:

"I started dance in Gor and moved up into Cabaret!  LOVED it, and after being here for four years, and everyone saying I should, I thought, "Ya know, why not!"  SO, on Sept 12th 2015, Noir NeverLand Cabaret was born!  And here we come to set SL on its ear!"

Noir NeverLand will debut soon... watch this spot to find out when!  Congratulations, Kyra!!

Noir NeverLand is also seeking choreographers!  To apply, please IM Kyra Msarko in-world.