Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sum..summ...summm summer-time!!!

Hey Everyone...

My plan to write a little more on the blog, did not work out that great... but i have a good excuse...
IT'S SUMMER!! (well.. I know not for all of you, but for me here in Denmark it is)
And we just had 3 weeks holidays at home...

Hmm... Could have been so nice like the picture above, but the reality is a little different!!

Ok... THIS is more like it!!
Ohh well.. something we need to complain about, so why not the weather.

But... summer or not.. I had 3 nice weeks with my love ones and we got the best out of it ;o)

It's funny to think about, how different we all experient the weather. Some "complain" about the rain, others "complain" about the heat and again others about, how cold it is.. And that all, at the same day!!!

What has all of this to do with Dance Queens, you might think...
Well.. completely NOTHING!!

But we don't have to talk about dance all the time i guess.. So feel free to leave a comment, about your experience of holidays or the weather ;o)
It's always nice to hear from you!!!

Big summer hugs to all of you!!
ZZ ♥

(Zhaza Zerbino)

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