Monday, August 24, 2015

DQ Calendar and more..

Hey everyone,

I would like to give a little attention to our DQ Calendar.
As you all know, this calendar is "just" one of the services Dance Queens offers.
I did choose this calendar, when i think it's more practical then the google calendar.
Of course this is my personal meaning... but fact is, how many shows i write on one day, it is still visible, and that's what i missed with the google one.

I'm sure there are bunches of other good calendars, but i was familiar with this one... so that's why i took it back then.

OK... enough about that!

Like I said before... The DQ Calendar is one of the free services from DQ.
I think it's good to share with others what shows we have, when and where and even post a poster and info.
We want to give that service and we try our best to do this as good as possible.
Though.... I would like to bring on, at we also have a life beside the DQ.
We have (like everyone else) RL, we have our own things on SL and even it maybe isn't always visible, to keep the Dance Queens going on, brings also a lot of work.

Therefor I would like to ask you this;

Do you have something, you would like to post on the calendar... or blog, please send you INFO in a good time!
I would say, latest the day before!

When you send us the info, send it in a note. Attach pictures, LM in the note together with the INFO, so its all on one place in our inventory.
Send a little message in IM, so we can confirm at we got your note.
And if you didn't hear back from us, then don't hesitate to write again... maybe we didn't see the message, maybe we crashed, even before our inventory was loaded... this is still SL!!

I have to mention, at during a day, i get several invites for shows, in the form of textures.
If there is no message attached, I take it as a personal invite, and not as something I'm supposed to post or add on the calendar.

Lets make it easy for all of us...
We would like to help you all... but you have to help us too, with make us clear what you want.

you can send your info for the Calendar or Blog to;

Babypea, Cherri and myself ZZ.

Do you want to announce something else then a dance show, then use the add boards at the Dance Queens Island.
It only cost 25 L a week, you can change it as often you like and put all the info in it, you like (have a look for yourself)
And you support the Dance Queens Island with it ;o)

....¸.•´Lets Dance!
... (☻//▌♥♥/ \ ♥♥♥
ZZ ;o)

(Zhaza Zerbino)

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  1. YAY ZZ, hugs you, thank you for clarifying all that! This is important information regarding submitting info for the blog and calendar, and it is great to have it all so well-explained. Especially to give us 24 hours to get something posted, and also to send an IM to confirm we received the information needing to be posted, cause SL does eat stuff and things go missing in cyberspace at times.