Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dance Queens notes, chats and more

Hey everyone,

I feel at I have to write this.

Dance Queens is a group for everyone who is interested in dance, shows and other dance relative things.
Everyone is welcome to join this group... and I mean EVERYONE!
You don't need to be a dancer, or joining a dance group. But of course all "we" deliver, is dance related.

We can offer some things to "help" you on the road.

* Our Calendar, where you can have your shows published.
* Group notes, where your show can be announced, or other dance relative announcements.
* Blog, where we can post some INFO about your upcoming shows, or if you have something else to share, some could be interesting for others who read the blog.
* Info center, in world, where you can find INFO at the different boards, online boards, to see who is online, mailbox, to send in your questions, add boards...

And all these services are FREE!!
No one will charge you for it and you can even (after making appointments about it) use the INFO center, for shows, rehearsals, classes etc.

Members are free to use the group chat, to announce their show or maybe they need help or have a question.

But there is something that bothers me...

We try to keep the spam low, when we all know, at when there is to much spam, people don't want to receive the chats or notes anymore.
So our goal is, to send out ONE group note a day and use the chat to announce a soon starting show, use it for a question or some help.

I also wrote some "rules" in the group header about that (please read)

What bothers me is, at people use the group to announce things, that has nothing to do with an upcoming dance show. What can be interesting for you, doesn't mean to be interesting for others... please don't forget that.
I'm sure, at we all are very proud of what we do, and even want to share that with others, but I don't think the chat is the right place for that.
When you announce your show, do it ONE time and not 2, 3, 4 times.
I even have seen it days before...
DON'T use the chat for that.
Send us a note card, with all your INFO about the show, poster, landmark... and we will post it on both Blog and Calendar.
Announce your show one time in chat, before your show starts.

If you would like to share something with others, then use the Dance Queens Center for it...
I made a gallery, where you can share pictures if you like. Help me to fill it up!! make it interesting!!
If you want to share video's about your show, send me the link and i will add it at the Gallery.
Lets use the Center more.. Its FREE!! I don't charge for that!!

The only thing that will cost, are the advertising boards.
But then again... It's 25 L a week, you support the DQ with it and you are free to add, change whenever you like.

Would you like more info? Do you have questions?
Never hesitate to ask us!

Practical INFO;

Do you want to add your shows on the DQ Calender, or post something on the Blog?
Send us a note card with the INFO about your show, Landmark and evt. Poster.
We will take care of it, as soon we have the chance for it!

Send it to;

Babypea  (babypeavonphoenix bikergrrl)
Cherri Banks (cherribanks)
ZZ (Zhaza Zerbino)

....¸.•´Lets Dance!
... (
/ \ ♥♥♥

ZZ ;o)