Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dance Events

Hey everyone,

As some of you maybe remember, and for others who didn't knew, I did for some years a monthly Variety Show at the place I had back then, "The Blue Lagoon".
We did skip sometimes a month, but it was pretty regular and i did this for over 3 years.

The idea was originally from Didds, who did arranged the very first one, but as i had a good space for it, i made back then a platform with space for 8 (and we managed even 9) stages, where everyone who had something entertaining to perform, was welcome to show their performance in max 30 min slots.

It was not always easy to fill up the 8 slots, but most of the time we did reach it.
It was great with audience and during the years, I really could see the performances getting better and more creative.
Things happened in SL and that also made at I had to give up my "Blue Lagoon", but I never gave up dancing or the mood to arrange things.

The Kittens and Tigers did take up their Variety Shows, that's been hold every first Friday of the month, starting at 3 pm.
They have 15 minutes slots available and open their Waterfront Theater for it.
Next show will be 3rd of July 2015.
Contact Bubs Bubble Roffo) for a reservation!!
Lets show what Dancing SL can!! And lets entertain others with our shows.

At this moment, the biggest place I own is the "Dance Queens INFO Center".
Many of you did visit the place Some of you had a performance there, others did earn their star on the "Walk of Fame".
We have a "Meet & Greet" every Wednesday form 2 til 4 pm.
Just a relaxed party with DJ and everyone dancing, talking... just having a good time!
I myself think, it's a good place to meet others, talk with other dance groups / Dancers / Performers.
I know it's not in every ones timezone, but that*s also really difficult to arrange, especially when it's just a start project.

When I did build this place for about 2 years ago, I wanted to give all Dance Queens members a chance to have a place, they freely could use for shows, classes, demo's... name it!!
A place where everyone can come and share their knowledge with others.
Every day there will be a new person joining SL and I'm pretty sure, many would love to dance and learn some things some many of us already know. We all had to learn and we still learn!!

I really would like to see the center be used!
Its "standing " there for almost 2 years now and even I know its not big, It's still very useful I think.
It would be great to see the advertising boards filled up with all kind of ads. Maybe you look for a Dancer?, DJ?, Host? or maybe you will offer yourself as one of those?
The more advertising, the more people would find it interesting to take a look.

My passion on SL is dance, as it is for many of you.
Its good and great, and we can make it even better, by supporting eachother!
I know the time zones are a pain. But I know we can make it work!

....¸.•´Lets Dance!
... (
/ \ ♥♥♥

ZZ ;o)