Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guerilla Burlesque Friday at Idle Rogue

We are back!!
First show Friday March 6th at Midnight slt! 
It's a new season and Guerilla Burlesque presents an hour-long show of live dance entertainment! Each act individually created and performed by some of the best dancers in Second Life. The costumes are glamourous, the music is sizzling and the stage sets will leave you breathless. 
Guerilla Burlesque (SL) opens the doors of the Acuo Theatre from 11pm on Friday nights, to give our beloved audience plenty of time to find a seat before the sim fills up! So make your plans to include getting there early and hang out with the coolest audience in Second Life
Hope to see you there on Idle Rogue !!…/Idle%20Rogue/107/189/36

Photo by Imrhiem ( darcy Ferguson)
Models - Meegan, Franny Glass, Maeve Branner

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