Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Old Days - How Bad Was It? (or Count Our Blessings)

I 've been in SL about 7 years but was not show-aware back in the earliest of days. So if anyone wants to chime in on how bad (or good?) it was compared to now, then here's your chance.

Nai was there and bent my ear with:

10:01:51] Naiki Muliaina: The glee of getting 30 people in a club
[10:01:59] (You): entitled "How Bad Was It"
[10:02:01] (You): ?
[10:02:02] Naiki Muliaina: The horror of it going over 40 and having every scripted object stop
[10:04:02] Naiki Muliaina: Enumerate
[10:04:04] Naiki Muliaina: long word
[10:04:09] (You): list
[10:04:13] (You): short word
[10:05:20] Naiki Muliaina: Lag, crashing, sim crashing, every script stopping, HUDDLEs never working, people running animations with no HUD, some using dance posters to construct routines, the most primitive of sets (a back board and that was it)

Should we indeed be thanking our lucky stars that we have it so much better today? Did you also have to trek 40 miles a day, each way, to school naked in the freezing rain uphill both ways?

What do you recall?



  1. our biggest crash. Had 42 people in a mainland sim, we were relogging to get people in thinking 'wahaeeey our biggest crowd ever!'

    We thought it because nobody could actually say it. Chat had stopped working about the 35 person mark. Rezzing stopped right after. The show stopped at 40. We had 42 people for just under 5 minutes. Then the whole region crashed. Then there was nobody.

    It was a glorious 5 minutes of 2009 i tell ya! Glorious!

    You kids don't know how good you got it! Get off my lawn! \o/

  2. After a think, 2 other things that used to be regular occurrences back then I do not hear so much now.

    Almost everyone at some point unknowingly bought a ripped dance and got an 'IP Replacement'(sp?) in their inventories. Maybe back then people only knew Henmations and the rest of the shops were not as prominent as they are now. People could have bought all sorts of dances from all sorts of odd little shops, where occasionally ripped animations were sold. I know it still happens, but it did seem a lot more regular back then.

    The other issue that used to annoy our dancers was the 'MoCap' tag on animations that clearly were not. Possibly because MoCap was still new and expensive to make, so became a lusted after buzzword that did not deliver as often as it claimed?

    I am sure dancers would shed more light on both of those issues than me.

  3. That was all before my time. I remember having to use the arrow keys to move, but that was about as bad as it got when I first started in SL dance. I do look forward to the future as the technology continues to develop.