Monday, October 20, 2014

Its 7pm SLT. Do you know where your troupe is?

Why is 7pm such a coveted time slot? 

Venues, old and especially new venues, choose it as the the holy grail of time-slots. A few days ago there were 4 events happening at this time. Well if there are 50,000 people in SL and assuming they all went to shows and 50 a pop, we could support 1,000 burlesque shows, so in theory, there's room for another 996 venues at that time, best (or worst) case scenario, depending on your viewpoint

Well lets see, if its 7pm SLT (Los Angeles/San Francisco) then its:

10pm EST New York

3am  Great Britain

4am  Holland

11am Tokyo

9am Christmas Island

1pm Kingston AU.


Maybe this time-slot has been determined to have the best chance of maximum club attendance?

If the holidays repeat as the most popular time to open up new social attractions in SL, then expect to see even more new clubs opening. Why? Because people have time off. And its a happy time. People are pumped. More people in SL. A time of social gatherings. Holiday bonuses. Brand new spiffy, souped up computers and/or graphic cards under the xmas-tree. Money as a gift.

So I would expect to see more venues vying for that coveted time slot. Some of us ardent followers will have to make a choice. How will we choose? Well I will choose the path less traveled. At least one-time. Curious. Excited to see something new. Get inspiration.

Will there be a shakeout? If you have to choose between shows with competing time slots, what would be the deciding factors? Big over small? Old over new? Adult over mature? Extravaganza over pure-dance? Full-production over traditional burlesque? If you are new and compete for that time-slot you better bring your A game...just sayin. Well maybe not so worried if you are targeting the Klingon audience with Klingon based acts and Klingon subtitles as they have no entertainment offering that i know of,  so you would seal that niche and own it.

Decisions, decisions.

The Best in SL.

I've seen countless new troupes and venues boast that they are the best burleseque offering in all of SL, ever!!!. Hmmm. How does that happen if you've never performed? I am not doubting that you are or are not. Just curious if this works on people. 

"I wasn't going to see you because you're new, but since you say you are the best, you changed my mind and now I'm going to see this new show that says they are the best but have never performed because, why would they lie to me? ". Maybe it works.?  Maybe just saying "new" implies average? If you add the word 'best', then it gives us the impression that you have to be good or believe you are good so there's a chance you might be, out of the gate??? But why not say great? Not sure if its been given much thought but if we only go see the best then we are only see 1 show a month; or at most 1 a week. That 'truly best' venue and no others.


What's missing? And noticeably so? Blatant, overt, advertising! Good or bad? Well admittedly less stressful, dramatic, and self-serving. Now its just venues advertising their shows. Thats self-serving you say? Hmm... That is a form of advertising but most likely something we can all agree on is for the good of the, well a/the major new dominant component of, the dance community. 

Not ever sure what the casual club dancer finds of benefit as there didn't seem to be much of an offering for them, and yet I thought they had, maybe still do, boast the majority of the membership in numbers? Shows dominate the DQ blog-waves.

So its unofficially official that new stuff, if you have it and wish it to be known, must appear elsewhere. Less obtrusive. There is that Dance News area in the sidebar. Checking...hmm...only one listing. Guess its not that popular. Well mind you I am not complaining, I 'm a team-player acknowledging the 'greater good' and am just mentioning the white elephant in the room. 

===============P.S. This is the new me trying to blog shorter posts. Don't know how long this will last. Nobody asked me to. I am just trying it on for size. Its like tying to quit smoking. Ok I quit several times. I was a seasoned quitter. But they kept telling me that quitters never win. So I would start up again. Ok I finally quit for good decades. Ok 2, ago. So that would make me, gets out her calculator,....turning 21. I started very early.